Bionic Visualizations
To support the generation of user defined treemap layouts we provide the following workflow:
  1. Choose an organism (from the list of models) or provide a species name. This will later help you find your treemap template in the list of user defined layouts.
  2. Comments are useful to explain how and why a treemap layout has been constructed. Especially changes of already available treemaps should be explained. This may help for a general improvement of gene/protein functional assignments.
  3. The user name helps us to build the template name in the list of treemap layouts.
  4. Email is optional, if we realize that you have difficulties in constructing treemaps, this helps us to contact you for further explanations.
    Neither the user name nor the email will be made publicly available.
  5. We support two ways how you can submit the treemap data: The tmd (treemap definition) file was defined to support a scripted or manual generation by using your own computer (use a text editor such as notepad++, notepad, emeditor or others). You can save this file (Use Save within your text editor) and upload it by clicking the [browse] button just on this web page. Choose the file by the file chooser and upload it.
  6. Alternatively you can copy and past the text and insert it into the data form field on this page. To see how the tmd file is structured please click the [insert an example]-link just on this page. The form field now shows the organism specific tmd file that is used in our standard ProteoMap application as a template. The file contains a variety of columns (it is a tab separated text file). For further explanations please read the text linked under [Please consider].
Before setting up an individual treemap template these issues need to be considered.
treemap name?
upload tmd file?
edit tmd data?
Insert an example?
user name?
user template previews
no comment
abreviat (adapted by G 18012018)
no comment
prueba blanco 2308
no comment
template 371017 2 per colors
per colors
template 371017 2 WADC colors
no comment
template 371017 2 2308 colors (adapted by G 15102017)
2308 colores
CCo 4
no comment
CCo 3
no comment
no comment
template 371017 2
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